Free Resources

by Howard Fosdick ©

Here's are many free resources for folk flutes --



Mountain Ocarinas
The Ocarina Forest
The Ocarina Network Wiki
Fingering Chart Generator
Jack Campin's Ocarina Photo-History
UK Schoolchildren - Free Downloads

The Ocarina Network
The Ocarina Network - Facebook

--Product Reviews--
The Ocarina Network's online forum
Ocarina reviews at Amazon
Ocarina reviews on Youtube

STL "The Art of Ocarina" method booklet - 12-hole
STL "The Art of Ocarina" method booklet - 6-hole Lessons for 12- and 6- Hole
David Erick Ramos Online Course
Coda EDC Lessons
Mezzetti's Ocarina Tutor

The Serious Ocarina Player, by Robert Hickman
The Art of Ocarina Making, by Robert Hickman (not free, must purchase)



Recorder Home Page
American Recorder Society
Yamaha's Intro Pages
Learn Recorder

Reddit - rRecorder
American Recorder Society (Facebook)
A Facebook Recorder group

--Product Reviews--
Sarah Jeffery's recorder reviews
Recorder reviews at Amazon
Recorder reviews at Youtube

Am Rec Society's Beginner Lessons
Nebo Grade School Lessons
Easy Music Workshop (Children)
Recorder Home Page Lessons

Tin Whistle

----Tin Whistle / Irish Flute----

Tin Whistle Guide
Learn Tin Whistle Lessons and Tutorials
Alison's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle for Beginners
Blayne Chastain's Foundational Tin Whistle Course
Irish Flute lessons at Facebook
Alison Irish Flute lessons (free?)

Chiff and Fipple forum
Reddit - uTinWhistleTraveler
Reddit -rTinWhistle
Reddit Group
Tin Whistle Irish Pub on Facebook
Tin Whistles on Facebook
Traditional Irish Flute on Facebook
Irish Flute Players on Facebook
The Sessions - Forum

--Product Reviews--
Celtic Music Archives
Whistle reviews at Youtube
Whistle reviews at Amazon

Native American Flute

----Native American Flute----

International listing of flute circles
Flute Tree Foundation
Ancient Territories

World Flute Society
Reddit - r/nativeamericanflutes
Facebook Native American Flute group
Facebook NAFlute group
Another Facebook NAF group

Flutopedia Lessons
High Spirit's Lessons
Stellar Flute's Lessons
Flutopedia's Lessons

Native American Flute Handbook, by Clint Gross


----Concert Flute----

8Note free lessons
Learn Flute Online (free trial only) (free trial only)

Reddit - r/BestFlute Forum
Facebook Flute Forum

----Overtone Flute----

OvertoneFlute.FI - Lessons
Make your own
Make your own @Youtube

----All Flutes / Misc----

Woodwind Forum
Babel Flute
Chiff and Fipple Forum
Jack Campin - ABC Scores and ABC Converters
Flute photo-history
English Tabor Pipe
Nuvo - All Learning Materials Download
French Flageolet website
All Flageolets website

Home Recording

--Home Recording--

Digial Music News
Sound Guys
Reboot Recording

--Music Theory--

Circle of Fifths
Major Scales Chart
Modes Chart
Non-Western Scales
All Musical Scales

--ABC Notation--

ABC Notation Home
Jack Campin - ABC Scores and Converters
ABC Player and Editor

--Many Woodwinds etc--

Ashley Jarmack @Youtube
Musical Molly Khan @Youtube
Veronika Vitazkova @Youtube
My Flutes @Youtube